Window Breaker Seatbelt Cutter, Best Glass Breaker Car Emergency Tool For Sale

Flee danger swiftly with our 2-in-1 emergency escape tool – the Car Window Breaker! Specially designed for quick escape, it easily breaks windows and cuts seatbelts in seconds, aiding your quick exit from hazardous situations.

2-in-1 Car Window Breaker and Seatbelt Cutter


Easy to break windows even underwater
Come with a sharp blade to cut the safety belt
U-shaped opening design prevents finger scratches
Supplied storage base can be easily fixed to the car
Lightweight and compact, easy to carry
Best holiday or birthday gift for your family (It is recommended to purchase multiple window breakers, one for your car and the others can be given as gifts to your family.)

Note: Get free shipping when you buy four or more window breakers. At checkout, you can indicate your preferred color in the order notes. If no color is noted, we will assign colores at random.
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Get peace of mind with our car window breaker seatbelt cutter. In times of urgency, this escape tool effortlessly breaks windows, even underwater, and boasts a sharp blade for swiftly cutting through seatbelts. The U-shaped design mitigates the risk of finger scratches. Also, the included storage base easily attaches to your car for quick access during emergencies.

Lightweight and compact, our 2-in-1 window breaker is a practical addition to any vehicle. Present this stylish glass breaker as the ideal holiday or birthday gift for your family and friends, ensuring they’re prepared for any unexpected situation.


Tungsten Steel

Easy to break windows in a mere second even underwater.

Built-in Cutter

Quickly cut off the seat belt to escape in case of emergency.

Gun Spring

Deliver powerful impact with the mere pressure of a single finger.

Mini Design

Portable design, can be put into the pocket for easy carrying.

Additional information

Car Emergency Window Breaker


Aluminum Alloy + ABS


92.6mm x 32mm x 19.9mm (L*W*H )


Sandblasting + Oxidation


Mechanical Window Breaking; Seatbelt Cutting For Escape




Black, Red, Grey, Sliver


1-Pack, 2-Pack, 4-Pack, 6-Pack, 8-Pack, 10-Pack, 100-Pack

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Window Breaker

Life-Saving Car Window Breaker : Essential in Critical Situations

The seat belt cutter window breaker, also known as the glass breaker seatbelt cutter, is a critical tool in three common dangerous situations: vehicle in water, vehicle fires, and road accidents.

When submerged, it allows for a fast escape by shattering windows, preventing the peril of being trapped underwater.

During a vehicle fire, it offers a swift exit route, slicing through seat belts and shattering windows to avoid smoke inhalation and flames.

In the road accident, it empowers us to cut themselves free from jammed seat belts and create an escape path when doors won’t open.

Window Breaker

Core Functions Of Our 2-in-1 Window Breaker Tool

Discover awesome features of our emergency escape tool: a reliable safety device designed for emergency situations, featuring a dual-purpose window breaker and seatbelt cutter to handle unexpected situations swiftly and effectively.

Lightweight & Portable

Mini Design, Easy To Carry

Same size and weight as car keys, with a minimalist and stylish design.

The window breaker is lightweight and portable, fitting easily into your pocket and also serving as a car window breaker keychain.

Strong Tungsten Steel Head

Indestructible Tungsten Steel Head

Tungsten steel, with a Rockwell hardness of 65, is easy to cut metal glass.

Equipped with a sturdy tungsten steel head, this glass breaker easily breaks windows in a mere second and can also withstand underwater pressure.

Rigid Spring Pressurization

Gun Spring, Break Windows Skillfully

Gun-spring in this tool generates a huge power burst, instantly breaking windows.

Incorporating a high-pressure spring, this window breaker tool delivers powerful impact force with the mere pressure of a single finger, enabling swift window shattering for a safe exit.

U-type Hidden Knife Edge

Built-in Cutter, Escape Without Hindrance

Incorporated stainless steel cutter for fast seat belt cutting, easy to use.

Knife with window breaker features a U-shaped design, ensuring safety without causing harm to hands. In emergency situations, the tool allows for swift cutting of seatbelts to facilitate escape.

Does Not Take Up Space

Fixed Inside Car, Peace Of Mind

Comes with a storage base, free to fix anywhere in the car.

Compact in size, it can easily fit into the storage space of the door handle. Our car escape tool includes a base that allows it to be affixed to the center console or the leather seat area.

Suitable For Any People